Acne Information

Acne Information

If you are going to address acne, it is crucial that you get the correct acne information.  Unfortunately, there are many acne myths out there and often they sound reasonable or correct.  So one of the goals of The Truth About Acne is to help you get your acne facts straight.

If you think acne affects only teenagers, then think again.  It commonly strikes adults on a daily basis.  It may be discouraging to find acne, blackheads, or pimples on your face.  Moreover, you may have little idea of how to alleviate the outbreaks.

Acne research has a long history that is still ongoing and so experts are not certain about the precise causes of acne.

Before you do anything else, visit or call your local, trusted pharmacist.  Licensed pharmacists are always knowledgeable about skin products and will know which products will bring acne relief and which ones won’t.  You will find the majority of pharmacists to be extremely prepared and very helpful on the issue.

While you are at your pharmacy, check out some of the available natural remedies and acne products they have displayed near the pharmacy.  Many natural products claim to completely cure your acne.  Any good drugstore will also have displays of various supplements claiming to help with acne relief.

Educate yourself on the different causes of acne and you may discover what is causing your own skin to break out.  There is a great deal of acne information available.  Acne research has a long history that is still ongoing and so experts are not certain about the precise causes of acne. The facts about the acne are still unclear.  Nevertheless, there are a few possible causes that everyone seems to be in agreement on.

Medications and Acne

It is important to get the acne information related to medications.  Some medicines, for example anabolic steroids, barbiturates, and anti-seizure drugs, are believed to lead to skin conditions. However, consult your doctor first before you quit taking your recommended medicines.  They may or may not be leading to your acne and you were taking those medicines for other medical reasons.

Emotional Stress Causes Acne

While it might not yet be an acne fact, increasing evidence suggests that stress may lead to acne along with other problems of the skin.  If you are stressed, try developing an exercise program and following it regularly.  Exercise is a proven stress-buster.

Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

chocolateA fact about acne is that chocolate has not been proven to cause acne.  Many people insist that eating chocolate will make you break out in pimples but no amount of research has ever proven this theory to be true.

Cosmetics and Acne

Good acne information will include understanding the relationship to cosmetics.  Since acne breakouts are triggered by blocked pores, we are able to conclude that make-up and other cosmetic products containing oil will contribute to acne.  Even “safe” products (those that are hypoallergenic and oil-free) may contribute to blackheads or zits because they cover up the skin. Any cosmetic product applied to the skin has the potential to clog the pores and interfere with acne treatment.

Frequently Scrubbing your Face

AcneAcne-prone skin should always be kept clean, but only mild products should be used to wash it gently.  One of many acne myths that many people hold is that they should scrub their skin using harsh soaps; however, the correct acne information is that this only aggravates and worsens the condition.

Pollution and Acne

Humidity along with other environment factors such as smog or even fog may increase acne along with other skin disorders.  Exposing the skin to damp conditions for any prolonged time period, swelling happens.  And swelling can block or close pores, therefore adding to acne.

Dietary Habits and Acne

diet and acneMany people notice that certain foods they eat cause their acne to flare up.  Your dietary habits can certainly contribute to breakouts and you should note the products causing the most problems so that you can avoid them in the future.

Common foods that are considered to contribute to acne include milk products and fats in one’s diet.  Diets rich in zinc should be beneficial if you have acne.  You might want to consider taking zinc dietary supplements as they seem to provide some relief to acne.  The fact about acne is that there is a relationship between diet and acne.  However, that is not the same as saying the certain foods cause acne.

Acne Information Conclusion

Hope the acne information contained in this article has you started in getting your acne facts straight.  The Truth About Acne is full of such acne information.  So you are encouraged to continue browsing.  You want to shed as many acne myths as you can so that you can be successful in treating your acne.


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