October 27, 2014

The Causes of Acne and The Best Treatments for Acne

causes of acne

It is important to have the right acne information and facts.  It is a fact that no one in the world is immune to acne.  It affects people from all walks of life and from any age category.  Acne doesn’t discriminate between men or women nor the rich or poor.  Moreover, because each person is unique, there will be a different combination of factors and causes that will contribute to each one’s acne.

Acne Information

The fact is that the most important part of your acne treatment is understanding what skin type you have and the most effective acne treatment to use on it.  If you have oily skin, you would not want to use cleansing products, moisturizing products, or cosmetics that contain oil.  You should buy products that are oil-free. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you would not want to use the oil-free products because your skin could use a little extra oil.

A piece of acne information that few people know is  that both oily and dry skin need to be moisturized daily.  Surprisingly, oily skin needs moisturizer just as much as dry skin.  It is not difficult to find oil-free moisturizers on the market.  Dry skin has its own specific problems and therefore needs to be treated with a moisturizer that has been formulated specifically for dry skin.

Topical skin remedies are made to keep pores from blocking while eliminating excessive grime and oil on the skin. They also control bacteria which can lead to acne.  Certain oral medications exist that will keep your body from producing so much oil.  Prescription ointments and creams can help dry out outbreaks and can even promote the faster replacement of cells in the regions of your acne-infected skin that require it.  There are a host of other treatments, both medical and natural, for acne.

Nevertheless, before selecting a treatment for your acne, it will be best if you first acquire the correct acne information and facts including an understanding of why you have acne including its causes.

Causes of Acne

Acne has many causes and the fact is that medical research does yet have a complete understanding.  Nevertheless, the following are some of the most common known causes.

Hormones play a major role in acne development.  This is exactly why teens are prone to acne as they are going through hormonal changes. The adult years bring changes too, especially for women.  Premenstrual and pre-menopause difficulties cause outbreaks in many women.  Hormonal changes produce excess oil and the oil increases the likelihood of acne, consequently reducing the oil via products designed to do so is usually very helpful.

The research is clear that stress contributes to acne.  When the body becomes tense, it releases chemicals and hormones that eventually turn into toxins and waste that the body must expel.  Some of these waste products will be excreted through the skin and will become a factor contributing to acne.

Some people still believe that chocolate, sugar, and other foods can cause pimples to form.  The fact is that most experts deny that food has anything to do with acne.  This why acne information and facts are so important, because there are many such acne myths.

Cosmetics and skin-care items may also lead to acne especially when the items used aren’t for the correct type of skin.  Using oily items on oily skin can easily lead to breakouts so you should choose your individual care items cautiously when determining the best acne remedy for your skin.

Other factors, such as lifestyle and environment, can also affect your skin.  The best things you can do for your skin is learn how to properly care for it, keep it hydrated, keep it moisturized, and try to eliminate the factors that are causing your skin to have acne.


You need to understand acne facts correctly.  Having the right acne information is important to understanding the best acne treatment for you to use.


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