May 4, 2015

Three Acne Treatment Products

Acne Treatment Products

Most of us have suffered from acne at some point in time. When an acne outbreak occurs, we want acne treatment products that will solve the problem.  Here three acne treatment products are discussed: astringents, acne creams and antibiotics.  Each could be of help with your skin care.

Astringent Acne Treatment Products

Astringents are one of the effective acne treatment products that can be bought over-the-counter.  There are many variants to choose from with additional ingredients that promote better skin.  The only downside is that they can be a little harsh because of the chemicals added to produce a formula.  Use astringent acne treatment products with extra care as they can dry the skin.  You skin care regime may require adding a moisturizer when using astringents, but care must be taken here as moisturizers often contain oils which can contribute to acne.

Topical Acne Treatment Products

Acne creams that are applied topically to the skin can be effective acne products.  However, one of the common side effects of acne creams is that they dry out the skin and can cause flaking. Benzol peroxide is a common active ingredient in acne creams and is for many people one of the most effective acne treatment products.  The Truth About Acne Store contains many such quality acne treatment products (including acne creams) at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.

Oral Antibiotics For Acne Treatment

AntibioticsFor very serious acne cases, a doctor my prescribe antibiotics as part of your skin care regime.  Such medications are taken orally and they work by reducing bacteria in and around the skin follicles.

For severe acne cases, antibiotics are prescribed for treatment.  These medications are orally taken to reduce the amount of bacteria inside and around skin follicles.  They also decrease the chemicals produced by the body’s white blood cells that tend to make acne worse.  Finally, antibiotics decrease the free fatty acids found in sebum, which is oily substance secreted by the skin’s sebaceous glands.  This is an anti-inflammatory effect.  A dermatologist determines which antibiotics will be used as treatment and then, as well, the dosage to be taken.

The most used antibiotic for acne is Tetracycline. Normally, it is to be taken on an empty stomach. Pregnant women and young children (under 9) should not take it. The normal staring dose is 500 milligrams twice a day. As with most antibiotics, one should take the entire amount prescribed as stopping antibiotics too soon (for instance when there is a visible improvement) can lead to a return of the condition.  Antibiotics such as Tetracycline can be very effective in your skin care efforts to treat your acne.

The second most popular antibiotic for the treatment for acne is Erythromycin.  One of its advantages is that it can be used by pregnant women.  This is important because hormonal changes (rampant during pregnancy) can trigger acne.  Another advantage to Erythromycin is that in addition to killing bacteria it is an anti-inflammatory which can help ease acne as well.  A disadvantage of this antibiotic is that it needs to be taken on a full stomach and can cause nausea and other digestive track side effects.  So use with care.

You should discuss all prescription medications with your doctor and follow their advice with care.  We are in no way giving medical advice here.


If you suffer from acne, hopefully this discussion of three acne treatment products will get you thinking about how you can address for skin care needs.  Different acne products are appropriate for different situations.  Astringents, acne creams or prescription antibiotic can effective acne products depending on the situation and the person.

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