Four Ways To Do Home Acne Treatment

Witch Hazel

If you have ever suffered from acne (and most of us have) you know how much you wish to be free of the acne.  Here are four ways to do home acne treatment that are proven to be effective.  The advantage of a home acne treatment is that it is a natural acne treatment.

Witch Hazel Astringent


There are good reasons for preferring natural acne treatments that you can do at home as they are usually less harsh than commercial products.

An astringent is a cleaning and drying agent.  Not surprisingly the astringent being discussed here come from the witch hazel plant (pictured above) and it can be found in a wide area of North American from Nova Scotia south to Florida and west to Texas.  To create the astringent you simply steam twigs from this plant.  The extract you get from it serves as your astringent.  Remember to cool it though before using it.  Many people prefer an natural acne treatment and this is certainly one.  There are good reasons for preferring natural acne treatments that you can do at home as they are usually less harsh than commercial products.

Your Kitchen Is A Home Acne Treatment

Orange and Lemon

Detail of Lemons and Oranges

Who knew that a room in your home, your kitchen, could be your ally in your fight against acne.  If you have things such as oranges, lemons, fresh garlic and raw potatoes then you have the makings of a best natural acne treatment or actually three.

Oranges and lemons can be just squeezed into a bowl.  Then using cotton balls apply the extract on the areas with acne breakouts.  Leave the extract there for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Fresh garlic is even easier to use.  Simply peel the garlic and rub it gently on your face.  Again after about 20 minutes wash your face with warm water and a gentle soap.

You can use raw potatoes in a similar way to the garlic.  Peel a potato and the cut it in half to create a flat surface.  Use this flat surface on your face.  Again wash your face after about 20 minutes.

The natural extracts from these fruits and vegetables can help minimize the redness of your acne and at the same time can clean the skin.  And you can do it all right at home with items that are already present in your home.


Now you have four natural acne treatments which you can do at home.  You should only try one at a time.  The level of effectiveness for any natural treatment for acne seems to vary from person to person.  Actually, that is the case for over-the-counter acne products and medical acne treatment as well.  However, many people find that a home acne treatment is the way to go because they find them effective and natural acne treatments avoid the harshness and side of effects of other acne treatments.  Be sure to check out the best natural acne treatment which is a home acne treatment our recommended product Acne No MoreAcne No More is actually an acne cure for many people.

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The Truth About The Cure for Acne

This site is full of very helpful information in the treatment of your acne.  However, a much better option is to cure your acne and you can do so very inexpensively.

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